The Permanent Mission of St. Kitts and Nevis to the United Nations joins over 190 member countries as they strive to facilitate systems where partnerships, collective responsibility and respect for each other are allowed to flourish. It is a medium through which member states realize that national policies in a global economy have international consequences.

It is with pride that my staff and I serve as advocates for our people, mindful that we are world citizens who must also thrive peacefully among our brothers and sisters in a world where despite our profound differences, our commonalities are an indication of our shared hopes and dreams.

We look to the United Nations as the torchbearer for globalization, seeking to level the playing field for member states and providing equal opportunities for all nations.

My mantra continues to be “charity begins at home.” Membership at the United Nations demands that we first serve the people of our twin island independent nation, allowing our successes on the national scale to be successfully woven into the demands of the world, borne by all nations who come together to make our planet a safer place for this generation and the next.

We join hands and hearts to attain peace and a safer, more prosperous world.